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Would you also like to add the 5-day NVC Intensive Practice: Co-Conspired Conversations with myisha, Mitzi, and Jen?

Monthly Open-to-All Nonviolent Communication Practice

ACCESS TO: Friday, Aug 2nd @ 3pm PT / 6pm ET

We’ll explore basic NVC concepts for beginners as well as applied NVC practice opportunities for advanced practitioners based on the makeup and needs of the group.

This is a pay-what-feels-good event, making it possible for anyone to access NVC practice!  If you are resourced, please consider making a larger contribution in order to support keeping these sessions available to all!

Check Your Privilege NVC Practice Guides:

myisha t hill | Healer. Author. Speaker. Coach. Optimist.

[image description: an exuberant Black woman in beach attire stands on a rock at oceanside with raised peace signs on a sunny day]

Mitzi Magdaleno | Dancer. Performer. Coach. Creative. Guide 

[image description: in a dance studio, a joyful Latine woman wearing dance attire and high heels sits on the floor with her leg up and an arm resting on it while laying back on her other arm]

Jen Gergen | Nonviolent Communication Practice Guide

[image description: a white woman wearing summer attire gleefully grins at the camera with her arm around a large giraffe statue outside a storefront]